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Become a Canadian EMS Member

EMS membership can be purchased using the "Buy now" buttons below OR you can pay by cheque as explained below.  NOTE that there are significant benefits for those who become members.  If you are not a member and wish to become one, choose a 1, 2, or 3 year membership.

Benefits for EMS Canada members

EMS Canada exists to bring together academics, administrators and practitioners around the concern for missions. In particular it looks to help forge a missiology that addresses the challenge of participating in God’s mission in Canada.  Becoming a member of EMS means that you

  • are entitled to a reduced fee for the EMS CANADA regional meeting
  • access to special features, such as "Occasional Papers" on the EMS website
  • are entitled to a reduced fee for the NA EMS annual meeting held in September
  • will receive a copy of the annual EMS publication of papers
  • are supporting the network of missiological scholars, researchers and practitioners across Canada and provides a venue for sharing research and information
  • are helping fund our regional annual meeting in Canada
  • ensures that you are included in the Directory of EMS members
  • have a valuable addition to your resume
  • can use your membership as a tax deduction (professional society membership)

To Become a Member or to Renew Your Membership:

Our Canadian Membership system is undergoing some changes. If you would like to become a member or renew your membership, please contact us.