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While registering for the conference, you have several options:

  1.  On campus in the ILC Guest House there are 30 beds available to the conference on a First Come First Served basis. These always go very quickly so when you register, pay for your housing to reserve a bed. The accommodation is two full size beds per room (no single occupancy). The cost is $85 if you stay Friday and Saturday night or $125 if you stay Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Breakfasts are included in those costs. 
  2. We will also offer off campus accommodations in private homes for $10/night. Again, breakfast is included. Some homes offer a private room and private bathroom, others are more shared. We will match your transportation and dietary needs to suitable hosts. You should not look to your host home for transportation to/from the airport.
  3. There are also local hotels that range from around $50/night to $200/night. You should google search “accommodations 75236” to find local motels/hotels. We don’t recommend anyplace nearby under $70/night.


When you register, you have the opportunity to sign up for our Lunches and Dinners meal plan. For $35 you get lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday—5 meals in all. Only meal plan participants will be served the Dining Hall meals (we need an accurate count in advance to know how much food to prepare). If you don’t want to buy the meal plan, you can still eat in the Dining Hall if you bring your own sack lunch or dinner. Non meal plan attendees should bring their own meals to the Dining Hall or plan to drive off campus to nearby restaurants.

Breakfasts for off campus attendees should be eaten before coming to the conference each day. There is no Dining Hall breakfast for off campus housing conference attendees. For on campus Guest House conference attendees only, we will offer breakfast in the Dining Hall. There is no additional charge for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday when you pay for a bed in the Guest House, it’s included.

Friday Lunch (for meal plan participants) in the Dining Hall will go from 12:00 PM to 1:10 PM. (The conference starts at 1:15 PM.)

Sunday Lunch (for meal plan participants) will be served immediately after the last session ends (at 12:05 PM) and run from 12:10 PM until 1:40 PM. If you are signed up for the $35 meal plan, you can be served either a hot lunch then or else you can grab a sack lunch for the road.

Local restaurants: If you don’t buy the meal plan and want to eat off campus, google search “local food 75236” to find a host of eateries within just a few minutes from campus.

Special Needs

When you register, you get the chance to state any dietary restrictions you have or mobility issues. Every place you need to go in the conference is wheelchair accessible. All meals have gluten free alternatives. If you want to stay in a host home and have a special need (a pet allergy or whatever) you have the opportunity to state that limitation so that we can make a better match to a suitable host. Please let us know how to help you!

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