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Do you have a conference question?

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all conference questions. He will either answer your question or connect you to someone who can help.

If I must cancel my conference registration, what should I do?

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you have to cancel your registration, you may do so up until September 30, 2020.  Without exception, there is no refund after that date.  In the event a presenter must cancel, there is no refund option regardless of date. Up until September 30, refunds will be given for all expenses for less a $25 administration fee.

Why is EMS meeting as a virtual conference this time?

Due to COVID-19 concerns our conference host (the International Linguistics Center) placed health safety as their top priority and decided to require social distancing that would have made our plenary space too limited.  Our expectation is that we will return to meeting as a normal conference event once the crisis is past.  For now, EMS will continue to move forward with full conference features but in a virtual format.

What will this EMS conference be like compared to prior years?

The same:

  1. We will have plenary speakers with hundreds of attendees,
  2.  themed tracks to choose from,
  3.  an Abstract Booklet to help you choose your favorite topics,
  4.  recordings of all presentations you can listen to later,
  5.  networking
  6.  a conference schedule that looks very much like what we’ve used in prior years
  7.  Presenters will still have 25 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the audience. 
  8.  We will still have our annual business meeting at the end of the conference.


  1. Everything we normally have at EMS will be experienced in 9 virtual rooms.
  2. We will provide links to each one via the Conference Schedule. 
  3. We will accommodate the conference to the Zoom format including Q&A, which will be done via the chat box in Zoom. 
  4. We will meet Friday and Saturday only; there will be no meeting on Sunday.
  5. This year’s event is far less expensive!  With fewer logistical costs, we passed the savings onto you by lowering registration fees. For example, Early Bird regular registration has dropped this year from last year’s price of $125 to $49.  That’s super!

Do I still get my EMS member discount?

Yes! All EMS student members get a $10 discount applied to the regular $29 student price--$19 total.  EMS regular members get a $20 discount applied to the regular $49 registration fee--$29 total cost. These are the best EMS national conference prices ever.

What is the “watch party” registration rate all about?

This is new! While most registrants attend EMS either solo or with their spouse, some people will want to host a group (profs inviting their class of students, for example). To qualify for the watch party host rate, the watch party host agrees to gather his/her group so that everyone in that group will attend the conference together. That could be a classroom, home or anywhere else that puts all those attending together. The idea is to let these groups experience EMS virtually but also with face-to-face interaction, networking in person and interacting with one another over food and fellowship. The watch party host promises NOT to forward his paid for conference links to others outside his/her gathered group. The conference links are for the watch party host and those who attend the conference with the watch party host. Make yourself an EMS party!

I'm interested in being a “watch party” host but my students are scattered (I'm teaching virtually). Can I still qualify?

Yes! We agree that with COVID-19 on the loose it’s not easy to do the traditional Super Bowl type of watch party. When we publish the Zoom links for the conference, you agree to forward them only to your virtually gathered group (you promise to not just forward the EMS links to everyone you know). Our intent is for you to gather your friends or students into your home or classroom (or the virtual equivalent) and watch together. This encourages fellowship and networking even though you experience EMS from afar. Some profs have students who will be watching remotely from each other (they’re all in the same course but attending class virtually) and will then discuss the sessions and write a paper. Want to split up to explore and regather to discuss? That’s fine, too.

I don’t know how to use Zoom very well.  What should I do?

We will give information to our attendees about using Zoom, enough to navigate the conference well and make sure you find your way to every topic you want to attend. As you register, we will ask you to self-identify as to your proficiency using Zoom and train registrants accordingly.  Whatever your proficiency we will make sure you know everything necessary to enjoy the EMS conference. Really!

You’re recording all the sessions? How do I get those?

Almost every session will be both audio and video recorded throughout the conference. Those recordings will be accessible on the EMS website within two weeks following the conference. All EMS members and conference attendees will be sent instructions on how to access the media files. You’ll also get free access to audio recordings from previous EMS conferences (over 400 topics)!

What are the exhibiting/sponsoring opportunities at EMS?

We have three unique opportunities this year.

Exhibitors: $50

  1. You will be given a 30 minute time slot in one of our nine breakout rooms during one of the coffee break times. You are free to use that time as you wish to showcase your organization and opportunities. Your reserved room is published in the Conference Schedule.
  2. Some schools may wish to use this opportunity to hold a reunion.
  3. Do you want to hold a regional gathering during a break time? This is where you’ll sign up to reserve an exhibitor slot to do so!

Sponsors: $200

  1. You get to show a PowerPoint slide of your own making before each of the four plenary sessions.
  2. b. There will be a 45 minute time slot in one of our nine breakout rooms during one of the meal times. You are free to use that time as you wish to showcase your organization and opportunities. Your reserved room is published in the Conference Schedule.
  3. Upon request, your logo will be published on the EMS website to heighten your organization’s visibility.
  4. We will publicly recognize your sponsorship of EMS in the first plenary session.
  5. If you are a publisher, we will waive the sponsor fee. Ask us how!

Publishers: Free

  1. You will be given a 45 minute time slot in one of our nine breakout rooms during one of the meal times. You are free to use that time as you wish to showcase publishing opportunities through your organization. Your reserved room is published in the Conference Schedule

Access to EMS Conference Recordings

We’d love to attend the EMS Arts Track and bring in others from SE Asia, but it would be in the middle of the night. Any chance of getting a recording?

Yes, the whole conference is being recorded so all registrants and EMS members will have access to those recordings (over 100 presentations in all). Because EMS runs with 9 parallel tracks, even if you could attend every session in person, you’d still be getting only 1/9th of the conference, so the recordings are a huge supplement of the EMS experience. Within two weeks after the conference, we will publish the link to the recordings so that all EMS members and conference registrants have access.

EMS Membership Benefit at Registration

I worked through the steps of registering for the annual meeting. When I got to the part about becoming an EMS student member to receive an additional $10 discount off the meeting cost, I followed the link and registered for a yearly student membership. However, when I returned to the conference website, I don't see a way to get the $10 discount. No matter what I do, it is still $29 for a student. Can you explain how to get an additional discount per the registration page instructions?

When you enter your registration information as a student without signing up for EMS student membership, you’ll see a bottom line cost for registering ($29). Now, check the box saying you want to include EMS membership in your payment, the bottom line cost will increase to include paying $10 for EMS student membership ($39). Now type in “member” to the Conference Administration box and the price drops $10 for the EMS discount back down to $29. In effect, students are being given a free membership for 2020. That’s a really good deal!

Paying to Register without Using a Credit Card

I don’t have a credit card but want to register. What should I do?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your PayPal account
  3. Click on “Send & Request”
  4. In the “Send Money” box insert: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Type in the amount
  6. Click on “add a note” and insert “EMS National registration”
  7. Click on Continue
  8. Click on “Paying for an item or service”
  9. Double check your payment options, address, and the like
  10. Click on “Send Payment Now”
  11. Once you’ve paid, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will give you instructions on how to register without making payment during registration.

How to Choose what Sessions to Attend during the Conference

How should I go about maximizing my conference experience?

This is the link to the EMS Conference Schedule
This is the link to the EMS Abstract Booklet
We encourage you to…

  1. Print a copy of the Conference Schedule
  2. Go through the entire Abstract Booklet and whenever you find a topic you really like, mark it on your Conference Schedule copy. When you finish the Abstract Booklet, you’ll have lots of checked/circled topics that interest you.
  3. Go through the Abstract Booklet again noting which ones of your favorites will not be recorded. Those are the ones you’ll probably want to attend since you’ll have no access to recordings of those topics later.
  4. When you have more than one topic during a given session time period, pick your favorite and plan to listen to the rest of the topics as recordings after the conference. We will have those recordings for you a week or so after the event.

Navigating the EMS Virtual Conference

During the conference, how will you provide links to the sessions?

Take a look at the Conference Schedule. Shortly before the conference, we will email to every registrant a private link that will take registrants to a page that looks identical to the existing Conference Schedule but with one exception: At the top of each “room” column will be a unique Zoom link that you can click on. That link will be your Zoom access for every session and topic in that room/column; each column’s link will work all day for that room. So, as you complete one session, you can either stay in that room or leave that Zoom room, return to the registrant edition of the Conference Schedule and jump to the next room. BTW, you can hop from room to room all day long so that if a topic isn’t what you’d hoped for, there will always be eight other parallel column choices available to explore. You’ll have great variety and convenience impossible to have in a face to face conference (we hope that compensates a bit for it being virtual).

Time Zone Conversion

I’m confused about time zones. If EMS starts at 10 AM on Friday, what time will it be where I am?

Click on this link and then type in the name of your city:

Internet Connection

How good does my Internet connection have to be?

Click on this link for step by step instructions to check out your Internet connection speed.

Webcam use with Zoom

How can I frame myself with my webcam to look my best?

Click on this link for instructions to frame yourself with your webcam:

Security Concerns

While attending the conference I don’t want my face or real name seen by others. What should I do?

If you have a security concern, this tutorial will show you how to avoid security problems:


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