EMS Monograph Series

Book Titled Trauma and Coping Mechanisms Among Assemblies of God World Missionaries

Trauma and Coping Mechanisms among Assemblies of God World Missionaries: Towards a Biblical Theory of Well-Being

Valerie A. Rance (Pickwick Publications, 2021) Trauma, from the fall of Adam and Eve forward impacts human lives in overpowering ways. A review of the lives of biblical personalities and missionaries reveals shared traumatic experiences. In addition to the stress of cultural adjustment, missionaries often live in contexts of violence, political unrest, economic instability, natural …

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Book Titled Being Missional, Becoming Missional

Being Missional, Becoming Missional: A Biblical-Theological Study of the Missional Conversion of the Church

Banseok Cho (Pickwick Publications, 2021) This book explores the theme of the missional conversion of the church, namely how the church is transformed toward its missionary vocation, from a biblical-theological perspective. The purpose of this book is to find biblically grounded, theologically sound, and practically applicable principles helpful for the church which seeks to be …

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Understanding Burnout Recovery Among Native-Born Korean Missionaries

Hannah Kyong-Jin Cho (Pickwick Publications, 2020) In this timely book, Cho provides mission scholars, sending churches, and mission agencies with an understanding of Korean missionaries’ burnout recovery process. Her study of Korean missionary burnout recovery included thirty-nine research participants who had experienced burnout in missionary service and who subsequently recovered. Participants reported a variety of …

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Factors Behind the Ukrainian Evangelical Missionary Surge from 1989 to 1999

John Edward White (Pickwick Publications, 2020) Throughout its history, the Soviet Union was one of the most closed places in the world to missionary work. As perestroika came in the late 1980s and the Soviet Union fell in 1991, a spiritual vacuum formed as massive numbers of people became interested in Christianity. An unprecedented freedom …

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