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Long paper presentation

 We will meet in two Zoom meetings on Friday/Saturday, March 17/18, 2023:

At this meeting you will have the opportunity to present a long paper (6000 words) through a 20 minute  presentation. Your colleagues will give you feedback on your paper and will evaluate whether it is suitable to be recommended for the annual EMS conference.

The deadline for the submission of papers for this meeting is Friday, 3rd March. Papers should be emailed to Dr Evelyn Hibbert. Your submission should:

Copies of the papers will be emailed out to all meeting registrants to read one week prior to the meeting.

Some papers presented at the EMS regional meetings will be invited to be presented at the annual EMS meeting, leading to the possibility of being published as a chapter in the EMS Annual Compendium for 2023.

Annual Conference Theme (focus of long papers)

The intersection of education and mission produces a maze of models and practices. From the many pastors’ conferences conducted each year around the globe, to short-term discipleship and leadership development processes utilized by missions sending agencies, to legacy institutions grappling with curricula, the maze grows deeper and more complex. Add into this mix, advances in globalization, urbanization, and technologically-driven educational platforms expedited by the global pandemic,and the maze goes virtual as well.

With these models and opinions, key questions come to the forefront. Among these questions are, What are the missiologically responsible, theologically sound, and effective best practices in education for contemporary mission? The vast diversity of answers are expressed by the differing perspectives within missions–from the academy, the church, and the practitioner. The conference aims to address the role and shape of education and mission today from all of these perspectives.

Given the multiple intersections of education with mission, the Evangelical Missiological Society invites you to consider how your particular strengths and interests might stimulate deeper discussion and consideration surrounding the annual theme and impact of missiology, and to frame a proposal to present a paper. 

Areas for research might be:
  • The role of the church, mission organizations, and/or seminaries in mission education and mission training.
  • Discussion of vehicles and pathways in mission education and training like orality, music, art, literacy, and so on. 
  • Exploring the role of education in mission, evangelism, and church planting.
  • Contributions from other academic disciplines to education and contemporary mission.
  • Educational approaches and under-represented and/or under-utilized global voices and models in mission education.
  • Discuss how the global pandemic has shaped education, training, and contemporary mission.
  • Exploration of technology and educational models and their impact on learning and discipleship.
  • Historical models and educational practices that are beneficial to retrieve for contemporary mission.

Please email Evelyn if you have any difficulty registering.

The planned meetings for 2023 after March are:

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Regional Vice President

Dr. Evelyn Hibbert

The Global Region covers everywhere outside the United States and Canada. It is especially for those in areas of the world where time zones are not compatible with US meeting times or for whom attendance at a North American regional meeting is not feasible.

This region is VIRTUAL only.

NOTE: The Global Region has two different meetings each time.

  • The first date is for those in Africa/Europe/Asia.
  • The second date is for those in America/Pacific.

Choose the meeting that best suits your time preference and location.