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Ideas for discussion and review

 We will meet in two Zoom meetings on Friday/Saturday, 19/20 May.

At this meeting you will have the opportunity to present an idea you have for research or publication through a 5 minute  presentation.

Your colleagues will discuss your idea with you give you feedback on how to develop it.

This meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other better and to learn about each other’s research interests.

Please let Dr Evelyn Hibbert know if you would like to present an idea at the meeting by Friday, 5th May.

There may also be the possibility of presenting a short or long paper that you would like your colleagues’ feedback on. If you would like to do this, please send Evelyn your abstract by Friday, 21st April. The deadline for papers to be submitted to is Friday, 28th April. Your submission should:

Please email Evelyn if you have any difficulty registering.

The planned meetings for 2023 after May are:


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Regional Vice President

Dr. Evelyn Hibbert

The Global Region covers everywhere outside the United States and Canada. It is especially for those in areas of the world where time zones are not compatible with US meeting times or for whom attendance at a North American regional meeting is not feasible.

This region is VIRTUAL only.

NOTE: The Global Region has two different meetings each time.

  • The first date is for those in Africa/Europe/Asia.
  • The second date is for those in America/Pacific.

Choose the meeting that best suits your time preference and location.