Occasional Bulletin

The Occasional Bulletin of the Evangelical Missiological Society was published from 1996 to 2020, containing news from the society, tools for missions teaching and practice, and articles on missiology.

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The archive of those publications is below. A peer-review publication, the Journal of the Evangelical Missiological Society, was developed in 2021 to further develop and disseminate scholarship in support of the Great Commission. Please register to receive announcements and access.

Volume 34

THEME: Fall Missions Mashup

The Church of the East in East Asia: Missiological Lessons from the Sixteenth Century Context  Paul W. Lewis

Volume 33

THEME: Future Reimaginings of Traditional Pasts
Missional Pilgrim’s Progress in Memory of Her: Representing Women in Adaptations of a Classic
Andy Draycott

THEME: EMS First Person
Profile of a Missiologist:Tom Steffen
Kenneth Nehrbass

Volume 32

THEME: Mission in a Secularizing World
Secularization and Laïcité in France:What Cross-Cultural Workers Should Know About French Resistance to the Gospel
Stephen M. Davis

THEME: Mission Practice Past and Present
The Relevance of Newbigin to Mission and Evangelism in Chile: Preparing now for the “Nones” of the Future
Jeff Stevenson

Volume 31

Tributes to Dr. David Hesselgrave

THEME: The Arts, Cross-cultural Planting & Global Missions
The Church, the Arts, and Shaping the World for Christ Mark Harris

Volume 30

Theme: Urban Mission
The Church and Her Mission to the Cities:A Theological Rubric to Evaluate Urban Mission Methods
Keelan Cook

Wheaton and the Controversy Over Whether Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God Robert J. Priest

Volume 29

J. Robertson McQuilkin: A Life Remembered Robert J. Priest

Power Encounter—of the Wrong Kind:A Preliminary Phenomenological Survey on Inappropriate Exercise of Power Experienced by Short-Term Missionaries Ant Greenham

Volume 28

Re-envisioning Theological Education 2.0: What is the Role for Silicon Valley? Timothy Bahula

Volume 27

Diaspora Missiology: Reflection and Report Enoch Wan

Vulnerable Mission: An Overview Timothy V. Reeves

Hidden Loss and Grief in the Missionary Life: Charting the Land of Sorrow and Teaching the Language of Grief Kara Suzanne Githens

Volume 26

BAM under $crutiny Christopher R. Little

A Settled Debate? Assessing Spiritual Warfare Past and Present for the 21st Century Cheong Weng Kit

A Tribute to David J. Hesselgrave Craig Ott

Volume 25

Reflections on Scripture in an Oral Culture: Orality, Literacy, and Translation among the Yali (1971-2011) John D. Wilson

Church Planting in the 21st Century Bob Vajko

Transformational Cross-cultural Partnership: Mobilizing Mission Resources for an Urban Context Roger L. Trautmann

Volume 24

“And What Do You Do Here?” A Theology of Vocation and Its Missiological Implications Mans Ramstad

A Missio-Relational Reading of Mark Enoch Wan and Narry Santos

Theology of Missionand theEmerging Church Terrance Steele

Volume 23

Sociological Versus Theological Pluralism:Evaluating “A Common Word” Larry Poston, Nyack College

TheExclusivism/InclusivismDebate and Evangelical Missiology Harold Netland

A Missio-Relational Reading of Romans Enoch Wan

Volume 22

A Tribute to Dr. Ralph D. Winter, 1924-2009 David J. Hesselgrave

Establishing the Church in the Midst of Islam:A Flexible Contextual Approach Kurt Nelson

Shifting to the First Person:On Being Missional Keith E. Eitel

Volume 21

A Prolegomena to Understanding and Evaluating Dr. Ralph Winter’s “Fourth Era Kingdom Mission” David J. Hesselgrave

Wandering Aloud About Membercare and Missiology: What are/should be/could be the roles of behavioral health sciences? Brent Lindquist

Relational Theologyand Relational Missiology Enoch Wan

Volume 20

A Single Priority or Two Commands to Be Obeyed? Steve Strauss

Celebration of Paul Hiebert’s Life Enoch Wan

Smorgasbord Religion Alex G. Smith

Volume 19

The Paradigm of “Relational Realism” Enoch Wan

EMS—You Just Might Be More“Emergent” than You Think! David Livermore

Volume 18

“Managing for Success Bob Strauss

The Discovery of“The Rest of the Story” Gordon Olson

Volume 17

The “Weakest Feature” in Our Work Miriam Adeney

Recognizing World View and its Relationship to Real Gospel Presentation and Understanding Chris Sadowitz

Volume 16

The Missiological Challenge of our Changing Continent Michael Pocock

Training Students to Exegete the City: Using Ethnography to Explore and Evangelize Diverse Urban Cultures John Fude

Frontiers in Contextualizion of the Gospel Among Tibetan Buddhists Paul B. Cochrane

Volume 15

World Religions in Context Dr. Norman E. Allison

Every Ministry Locally Funded because Every Christian is a Maturing Steward Richard D. Allen

Volume 14

Report of the President Kenneth B. Mulholland

Volume 13

Spiritual Warfare and Worldviews Paul G. Hiebert

Buddhism on the Move Dr. Alex Smith

Nichirenists and Christians in Japan — Schisms and Setbacks David J. Hesselgrave

Summer Reflections 2000 Kenneth B. Mulholland

Working Together to Shape the New Millennium Winter, 2000

Volume 12

Evangelical Missiological Society – EMQ Kenneth B. Mulholland

Ten Biblical/Educational Commitments to Guide Missionary Training Dr. Robert Ferris

Four Dimensions of Leadership Training Dr. Ebbie Smith

The Integration of Seminary Curriculum and Missions Vision Dr. Byron Klaus,

Reflections on Becoming Evangelical Dr. James Stamoolis

Reflections on Becoming Orthodox Dr. Ed Rommen

The Triad for Century 21 Paul A. Beals

Volume 11

Perspective is Everything: A Missionary’s Reflection John Fain

An In-Service Training Idea for Church Planters Dave Broucek

Global Consultation on World Evangelization 1997: Presidents and Academic Deans Declaration Kenneth B. Mulholland

Volume 10

Rethinking the Role of Narrative in Mission Training Tom Steffen

Holistic Christianity? Yes! Holistic Mission? No! … and Yes! David J. Hesselgrave

Paul: The Nonprofessional Missionary Jim Reapsome

Volume 9

A Vision for EMS: Increased Momentum and Sharper Focus Kenneth B. Mulholland

The Re-Amateurization of Missions Ralph D. Winter