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Free courses for EMS members

With the continued interest in church planting movements and disciple making movements as contemporary missions strategies around the world, Motus Dei and Ephesiology Master Classes have partnered to offer Foundations for a Missiology of Movements. As a core course for a new Master of Arts Missiology of Movements degree at Mission India Theological Seminary, Foundations for a Missiology of Movements takes a critical and constructive look at CPM/DMM from biblical, theological, and missiological perspectives in order for students and scholars alike to become conversant with the research, critique, and application of movement principles in missions today. In partnership with EMS, the course is being made available to members for free.

For more information please feel free to contact Dr. Michael T. Cooper at michael@ephesiology.com or Dr. Wes Watkins at ww@rightbox.com 

Films for Use in Missiology Classrooms

Short-term Missions: Case Studies from Peru

Abstract: This hour-long educational documentary follows several short-term mission trips in Peru to explore topics such as cross-cultural relationships, economic disparities, and identity. Different perspectives are provided by interviews with scholars of anthropology and missions, full-time missionaries, Peruvian pastors, and short-term missionaries.

Producer: Robert Priest; Production Assistants: Kersten Bayt Priest, John E. Isaacs, Jr., Shelly Anne Isaacs; Director of Photography: Curtis Wilkinson; Camera: Shelly Anne Isaacs; Production Sound Mixer: Paul Priest; Editor: Shelly Anne Isaacs; Assistant Editor: John E. Isaacs Jr.; Interviewers: Kersten Bayt Priest, Robert Priest, Rick Richardson, Curtis Wilkinson, Paul Priest; Funding Provided by: Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion; Interviewees: Shawn Ammons, Georgina Amoakohene, Robert Barriger, Patty Bean, Loretta Belhasen, Zulema Urco Colqui, Chris Davis, Terry Dischinger, Dave Gibson, Hannah Hayward, Angie Hoagland, Dr. Brian Howell, Paul Johnson, Amanda Jokerst, Chrissy Keegan, Kyle, Dr. Terry Linhart, Greg Lorei, Meredith McAllister, Adiel Micenta, Bernie O’Brien, Dr. Ruben “Tito” Paredes, Gabino Rico, Mark Westlind, Dr. Steve Ybarrola, Jorge Zegarra