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Book Titled Communication in Mission

Volume 30: Communication in Mission

Edited by: Marcus Dean, Scott Moreau, Sue Russell, and Rochelle Scheuermann (William Carey Publishing, 2022) Communication has always been the heartbeat of God’s interaction with humankind, and without thoughtful communication, mission is not fully effective. With the rise of technology and social media, the church faces a unique set of opportunities. At the same time, …

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Image of the book: Advancing Models of Mission

Volume 29: Advancing Models of Mission: Evaluating the Past and Looking to the Future

Edited by: Kenneth Robert Nehrbass, Aminta Arrington, Narry Fajardo Santos (William Carey Publishing, 2021) Weighing Approaches to Finish the Task. Christians have been reflecting on best practices for as long as they have been engaging in missions. Practitioners have developed diverse strategies to promote the spread of the Gospel—such as indigenous church planting, disciple-making movements, …

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Volume 28: Practicing Hope: Missions in Global Crises

Edited by: Jerry M. Ireland and Michelle L. K. Raven (William Carey Publishing, 2020) The greatest crisis is being separated from Christ. In the constant swirl of human suffering, the church has long wrestled with appropriate responses. As crises come and go, the need for the church’s theological, missiological, and practical readiness remains, so that …

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Volume 27: Against the Tide: Mission Amidst the Global Currents of Secularization

Edited by: W. Jay Moon and Craig Ott (William Carey Publishing, 2019) With increased globalization and modernization reaching into the furthest corners of the earth also comes the influence of secularization. These three tides of influence impact traditional religious beliefs, practices, and institutions in significant ways. Some modernizing societies see religion on the decline, while …

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Volume 25: Churches on Mission: God’s Grace Abounding to the Nations

Edited by: Geoffrey Hartt, Christopher R. Little, and John Wang (William Carey, 2017) The twenty-first century is marked by a renewed emphasis on the missional responsibility of individual Christians and local churches. Churches on Mission: God’s Grace Abounding to the Nations is an attempt to explore the relationship between the local church and its missionary …

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Volume 22: The Missionary Family: Witness, Concerns, Care

Edited by Dwight P. Baker and Robert J. Priest (William Carey Library, 2014) The title of this book points to a feature—the missionary family—often considered to be a distinctive of the Protestant missionary movement.  Certainly the presence of missionary families in the field has been a central factor in enabling, configuring, and restricting Protestant missionary …

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Volume 21: Missionary Methods: Research, Reflections, and Realities

Edited by Craig Ott and J. D. Payne (William Carey Library, 2013) One hundred years ago Roland Allen authored his landmark study Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? The 2012 annual conference of the Evangelical Missiological Society celebrated this centennial by addressing this ever relevant topic. The present volume brings to readers insights from that …

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