EMS 2022 Theme - Reconciliation: God's Mission through Missions for All

Reimagining Mission: Mission as the Ministry of Reconciliation

March 11 (Friday), 2022, 11 AM–5 PM (EST)
Virtual Conference
Plenary Speakers

Johannes Reimer, PhD

Peace & Reconciliation Network

World Evangelical Alliance

“Biblical Perspectives on Reconciliation”

Maj. Shari Russell (PhD candidate)

Territorial Indigenous Ministries Consultant

The Salvation Army


“Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation”

Paper Presentations (15)

“Reconciliation: The Emerging Paradigm Shift in Mission”
(Phil Wagler)

“Crushed for Our Iniquities: The Cross, the Church, and Reconciliation in Canada”
(Michael Brain)

“Reframing Conversion as Reconciliation: A Relational Paradigm”
(Jeremy McClung)

“The Horizon of Peace: Exploring the Possibilities of a Non-Final Definition of Reconciliation”
(Jesse Sudirgo)

“Reconciling Discipleship—Living as Ecclesia Wherever We Are”
(Manuel & Jeanette Boehm)

“The Injustice we Painstakingly Avoid: Reconciliation with Sexual Minorities”
(Allan Effa)

“Reconciling Female & Male Leadership Roles in the Church
through Insights from the Tyndale Pastoral Imagination Study”
(Marilyn Draper)

“Almost Done: Reconciling the Generational Culture Clash”
(Michael Krause)

“Intercultural Relationship as a New Perspective for Contextualization”
(Sam Chaise)

“Intercultural Competence as Mission”
(Timothy Tang)

“‘Hear O Israel’: Reconciliation and Jewish Missions in the 21st Century”
(Geoffrey Butler)

“Wearing Jesus’ Yoke in our Engagement with Muslims”
(Mark Anderson)

“Ethnic Churches as Missional Liminal Spaces for Reconciliation with the ‘Stranger’: A Missional Ecclesiology of Reconciliation for the Korean-Canadian Immigrant Church and Beyond”
(Sarah Han)

“An Invitation to the Table: Stories of Mission, Reconciliation, and Food”

(Rev. Andrea Chang, Rev. Nelson Chang)

“Play as Reconciliatory Practice”

(Jennifer Burnett)



Regional Vice President

Narry F. Santos, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Intercultural Leadership

Tyndale University

The purpose of the Canada region of the Evangelical Missiological Society is to provide a forum once a year for Canadian missiologists and practitioners to engage each other around relevant topics in missions. This is motivated by a felt need for “dialogue, fellowship, and cooperation among evangelicals devoted to researching, publishing and instructing in areas related to the mission of the Church.