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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Plenary Presentation: Dr. Ed Smither

Reflections on John Stott’s Method of Equipping for Mission

John Stott (1921-2011) never served as a cross-cultural missionary. Rather, he pastored All Souls, Langham Place in London (within walking distance of where he grew up) for twenty-five years. Later, he became an advocate for global mission largely through his work in the Lausanne Movement. While Stott is remembered for being an expository preacher, Bible teacher, writer, and mission advocate, in this paper I explore how he equipped and discipled others for the work of global mission.


Program Plan:
9:00 Welcome, Devotional and Instructions
9:10 Theological Education with an Indigenous Gait, Africa
9:40 Plenary: Reflections on John Stott's Method for Equipping for Missions Dr. Ed Smither
10:50 Stretch Break
11:05 Faith and Grit: Charles Hurlburt and the Expansion of the Africa Inland Mission (1901-1925)
11:35 Calvinism as a Theological Catalyst for Biblical Instruction and Subsequent Cultural Transformation
12:05 Lunch, with breakout rooms for chatting
12:45 The Influence of Culture in Theological Education for Contemporary Missions: An Analysis of American Theological Education from an Iranian Perspective
1:15 Engaging Theological Schools in Southeast Asia
1:45 Stretch Break
2:00 American Missionaries' Education of the Korean Historical Myth and their Discovery of the Trinitarian Incarnation Analogy in the Tan-gun Myth
2:30 Closing and Business


Ed Smither joined the Columbia International University faculty in 2012. Previously, he taught church history and intercultural studies at Liberty University (2006-2012) and spent fourteen years in intercultural ministry in North Africa, France, and the USA. Smither enjoys studying and teaching theology and history of Christian mission. He serves as Vice President of the Evangelical Missiological Society and editor of the Journal of EMS. 

Since 1999, Smither has been married to Shawn and together they parent three wonderful children—Brennan, Emma, and Eve. As a family, they enjoy going to the beach. Smither enjoys road biking (the kind you pedal) the back roads of northwest Columbia, listening to really old hymns and modern rock, and suffering as a Washington football fan.


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