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Christian Exegesis of the Qur’an: A Critical Analysis of the Apologetic Use of the Qur’an in Select Medieval and Contemporary Arabic Texts

J. Scott Bridger (Pickwick, 2015) Can Christians read biblical meaning into qur’anic texts? Does this violate the intent of those passages? What about making positive reference to the Qur’an in the context of an evangelistic presentation or defense of biblical doctrines? Does this imply that Christians accept the Muslim scripture as inspired?  What about Christians …

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Astonishing Grace: A Mentor’s Ministry in Haiti and Beyond

Edwin S. Walker III (WestBow, 2015) In this new autobiography, 
Edwin S. Walker III describes his 23 years in Haiti.  Walker relates the stories of his childhood, his process of finding God and his missionary work in Haiti. There, in Haiti, he leads a strong radio ministry and mentors national leaders before returning to the United …

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First the Kingdom of God: Global Voices on Global Mission

Daniel Darko and Beth Snodderly, eds. (William Carey International University Press, 2014) First the Kingdom of God assembles a collection of essays from renowned Christian leaders of diverse cultures at the frontiers of global Christianity to elevate the conversation and to address key aspects of the changing trends aforementioned.  This volume offers unique perspectives from …

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A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions

Christopher J. Freet (Energion , 2014) Many Christians have grown up with a very limited concept of “missions” and “missionaries.” In this view a missionary is a person who goes and preaches to lots of people, often in primitive lands, and explains the theology of the gospel. The natives are convinced and become Christians. Thus …

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Mission in the Early Church: Themes and Reflections

Edward L. Smither (Cascade Books, 2014) How did Christian missions happen in the early church from AD 100 to 750?  Beginning with a brief look at the social, political, cultural, and religious contexts, Mission in the Early Church tells the story of early Christian missionaries, their methods, and their missiology. This book explores some of …

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Ronald W. Brown (, 2014) INTERSECTIONS is the story of my life and how it intersected with the four streams of missiology; showing my place in the history of missions, showing where cultural anthropology helped me as a missioner to journey alongside other cultures, showing a variety of strategic methodologies used in my missionary career, …

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