Book Series: Publications by Members

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Biblical Multicultural Teams: Applying Biblical Truth in Cultural Differences

Sheryl Silzer (William Carey International University Press, 2011) Biblical Multicultural Teams speaks to the heart of cultural misunderstanding- our childhood upbringing. Sheryl Takagi Silzer is able in this work to provide both an honest look at her own cross-cultural experience and an astute academic understanding of cross-cultural communication. We all work and function in a …

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Understanding God and Destiny

Moses Audi (Charisa, 2010) Explaining the human destiny in the view of doctrines of divine sovereignty and human freedom is necessarily and essentially a responsibility of today’s church, preachers, lay men and, of course, of every religious thinker. And whatever happens, will invariably shape the minds of men and women of this generation and those …

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The Sword of the Spirit: How God’s Word Changes Lives

Kelly Malone (Missional Press, 2010) Spiritual change is not the result of mere human ingenuity, effort or methodology. The Sword of the Spirit challenges us to allow God’s Spirit to use God’s Word to transform us into the likeness of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. As God’s Word comes to life in us, He enables us …

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Routes and Radishes and Other Things to Talk About at the Evangelical Crossroads

Allen Yeh, Mark Russell, Chelle Stearns, Dwight Friesen, and Michelle Sanchez (Zondervan, 2010) Five younger evangelicals discuss the future of Evangelicalism. Routes and Radishes invites you into a conversation about what the evangelical movement has been and what it is going to be. Five influential, younger-generation evangelicals discuss their passions for shaping the evangelicalism of …

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Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience

M. David Sills (Moody, 2010) All Christians understand that Christ has commanded us to reach the lost around the world. Yet, Christ’s command is broader and deeper than simply reaching them. He has called His church to make disciples of all people groups and to teach them to observe all He commanded us. Reaching and …

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Jesus’ Authority in Markan Perspective: Scope and Missiological Implications

Steven K. Mittwede (Fromm Verlag, 2010) A commitment to authentic and effective cross-cultural ministry, especially in a resistant context, demands that the challenge of contextualisation be dealt with properly.  One form of contextualisation, namely the application of redemptive analogies, may hold particular promise for cross-cultural ministers. The present study favourably evaluates the proposal that the …

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