Book Titled Communication in Mission

Volume 30: Communication in Mission

Edited by: Marcus Dean, Scott Moreau, Sue Russell, and Rochelle Scheuermann

Communication has always been the heartbeat of God’s interaction with humankind, and without thoughtful communication, mission is not fully effective. With the rise of technology and social media, the church faces a unique set of opportunities. At the same time, our shrinking world presents challenges and requires an increased sensitivity to social, cultural, and geopolitical triggers.

With case studies that span the globe from Australia and Asia to the Black church and Muslim youth diaspora in the United States, this book closely considers what is working in the twenty-first century and what isn’t. From post-colonial contexts to creative-access countries, this collection doesn’t shy away from today’s complex issues. Communication in Mission pulls together diverse voices—some seem like shouts and others like gentle whispers—but each has an important contribution for all who will listen and learn.

This synthesis of personal experiences from field practitioners and theoretical concepts from scholars lays a foundation for application, calling for careful and intentional communication in the ongoing work of missions. Full of hope, this book looks forward to the gospel being received as Good News around the globe.

Series: EMS Books
Publisher: William Carey Publishing
Year Published: 2022
ISBN: 9781645084020