Important Factors in Pre-Field and Field Based Preparation of Missionaries Serving with Cross and Crescent International

Herbert Brasher, Jr.

he most important event happening in our world today is the story of the Lord Jesus Christ as he works through his people in making disciple multipliers among every people group on earth. Exactly what kind of disciples are needed to do that? Many pre-field training programs have traditionally been designed within parameters that primarily emphasized the cognitive, with too little emphasis upon the whole person. In addition, very few studies on missionary training, up to this point, have been made by asking the practitioners what they sense was important in their own training. This study examines missionary training within the author’s own mission agency, which is dedicated to take the gospel of Christ to unreached Muslim people groups, and seeks to ascertain what was important in pre-field and field-based training for CCI workers.

Series: EMS Dissertation Series
Publisher: WCIU Press
Year Published: 2013