Jesus’ Authority in Markan Perspective: Scope and Missiological Implications

Steven K. Mittwede

A commitment to authentic and effective cross-cultural ministry, especially in a resistant context, demands that the challenge of contextualisation be dealt with properly. 

One form of contextualisation, namely the application of redemptive analogies, may hold particular promise for cross-cultural ministers. The present study favourably evaluates the proposal that the high regard for authority endemic in Turkish culture might be a divinely implanted bridge by which Turks can grasp the import of the biblical account of Jesus’ person and work, especially as presented in Mark’s gospel. Following a survey of the scope and importance of Jesus’ authority in Mark’s account, two critical issues that impinge on our understanding of Markan christology – the questions of 1) the intent and genre of Mark’s gospel, and 2) Mark’s use of honorific titles for Jesus – are evaluated with an eye to grasping the missiological implications of Jesus’ authority, not only for Turkish culture, but also for evangelism and discipleship in all times and places.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Fromm Verlag
Year Published: 2010