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Multiplying Leaders in Intercultural Contexts: Recognizing and Developing Grassroots Potential

Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

Often, church planters, disciplers, and pastors struggle to identify grassroots leaders and develop them in their context. As leaders who want to develop other leaders, our task is to come alongside these leaders and learn and grow together with them.

Multiplying Leaders in Intercultural Contexts focuses on how to develop grassroots Christian leaders across cultures. These often unrecognized leaders mostly lead small groups at the growing edges of the church. They are ordinary people who faithfully share Christ amid the demands of daily life. Another focus of the book is shaping the character of developers as they humbly walk beside leaders in the leaders’ community.

The authors use the four C’s of Christian leadership—Community, Character, Clarity, and Care—to weave together research, experience, and practical application to show how these characteristics are expressed across different cultures. The book then discusses five principles, illustrated in common settings, for an intentional process that develops leaders and their communities collectively. Take the next step now in developing yourself and others in the task of leading Jesus’s church wherever that might be.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: William Carey Publishing
Year Published: 2023
ISBN: 9781645084457