Polemic Missiology for the 21st Century: In Memoriam of Roland Allen

Christopher R. Little

Déjà vu has hit the contemporary missionary movement on a global scale. The same unfortunate presumptions and practices which the revered Roland Allen confronted at beginning of the 20th century have returned with a vengeance one century later. 

This book adopts Allen’s polemic style in addressing issues which all those interested in the healthy, cross-cultural transfer of the Christian faith should be aware of and concerned about. Specifically, it draws the readers’ attention to: 1) the contours of Christian mission; 2) foreign subsidy; and 3) business as mission. If the church called into mission on behalf of the world is to avoid unnecessary pitfalls in discipling the nations, then the information presented in this book must be given due consideration.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Year Published: 2013