Urban Church Planting: Journey into a World of Depravity, Density, and Diversity

Stephen M. Davis

For the last couple decades, urban church planting has been all the rage. This has been a blessing for the city. This has also been a curse for many who sensed a call, saw a need, and left for a life of adventure, only to leave the city after a short time. Many left behind no church and live with memories of failure and frustration.

They were eager, well-supported, not a little naive, and unprepared for life and ministry in the city.
Urban church planting is not for everyone. It is not more important than church planting elsewhere. But if you believe God has called you to urban ministry, read this book before you go. It is written by a city guy, freed from the romanticism often associated with planting churches in the city. If after reading this you still believe God is calling you to the city, then by all means go. If not, know that God can use you elsewhere.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Resource Publications
Year Published: 2019