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Northeast EMS Regional Conference

Saturday  March  28, 2020

Location:  Alliance Theological Seminary/Nyack College    2 Washington Street, NY 10004

Plenary Speaker:  Dr. Gina Zurlo --Evangelical Missions: What's Changing, and What's Staying the Same?

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Every few years, missiologists innovate or adopt models to address the missionary task amidst changing global realities. Some models have enjoyed a long “tail life” and endure for decades. Others are quickly abandoned. Unfortunately, we often move on to the next approach without adequately evaluating the usefulness of earlier theories, or the ramifications for those theories on future missionary work. How did those models actually advance the Great Commission in specific fields? How should those models be adjusted or abandoned as we make disciples across cultures into the future?

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 Northeast Vice President

Dr. Marcus Dean

Houghton College

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