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 EMS  Southwest Region

Fuller Theological Seminary

April 3, 2020 

8am - 3pm


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8:00am     Gathering and Registration –  (Travis auditorium)  

8:30am     Welcome– Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass, EMS SW Vice president

8:35am     Prayer- Dr. Amos Yong

8:38am     Introduction of plenary speaker: Dr. David Dunaetz

8:40am:  Plenary Speaker  - Dr. Tom Steffen

9:15am     Dismiss to breakout sessions    

Moderators:  Andrew Mainiero, Linda Lee Smith Barkman, Tom Park

9:30am – 9:55am sessions

The C1-C6 Spectrum with Special Reference to the Insider Paradigm 

·    John Travis, Ph.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Spiritual Dynamics
Fuller School of Intercultural Studies


Seamless paradigm: the leaven for being in the world but not of the world

·    David Ofumbi, PhD. (Cook SICS at Biola)


Is Hiebert Holding Us Back? A Latinx Critique of Critical Contextualization

·    Martin Rodriguez, Ph.D. candidate at Fuller


10am – 10:25 sessions

The Evangel in Evangelicalism: the fullness of the Gospel and Evangelical Approaches to Mission

·    Kevin Higgins, President, William Carey International University 


From Text to Tunes: Un-Muting the Voice-Centric Witness for Salam 1 in Islamic Contexts

·    Eric Sarwar, PhD. Candidate at Full


Transforming Christian-owned Business Part 1: A Missiological Framework of Business on Mission 

·    Eric Ma, DIS student at Cook SICS at Biola



10:25am - 10:45 am break – Suite 110

10:45-11:10am sessions

CANTALL - A New Missiology for sending from China

·       Mark Rudolf (Frontier Ventures) 


Pentecostalism and Higher Education:  The Pentecostal University as a Platform for Missional Engagement in the 21st Century

·       Daniel Topf, Ph.D. candidate, Fuller


 Where are you from? Where are you going? Perspectives on Migration and Mission

·       Kirsteen Kim, Ph.D. Associate dean and professor at Fuller

11:15am – 11:40am sessions

To the Ends of the Earth through Strategic Urban Centers: Reexamining the Missions Mandate in Light of the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament

·       Michael Crane, Ph.D. Professor of Urban Missions at MBTS

Christian Ashrams in India: An Autopsy of a Failed Model of Mission

·       H L Richard, Frontier Ventures 

A Survey of the Historical Background: Appreciation and Biblical Evaluation of Disciple-Making Movements

·       Mark Kreitzer, Ph.D., associate professor at Grand Canyon University

Beyond Reverse Mission

·        Zachariah Chinne, Ph.D. Student at Cook SICS at Biola

11:40am – 1pm Lunch –  (the Garth)


Plenary Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass “Trends in Missiology” 

1pm-1:25pm sessions

Approaching Honor and Shame with Humility

·     David Dunaetz, Ph.D. Associate professor at Azusa Pacific University

Title: Beyond the Excluded Middle: Towards a more Robust Cognitive Missiology

·     Than Veltman, Ph.D. student at Fuller  

The Challenge Of Contextualizing The Gospel To Somali Muslims In Minnesota

·       Philip Nache, Ph.D. student at Cook SICS at Biola

Local Cultures Matter: The Gospel, Identity and Mission

·       Yoknyam Dabale, Ph.D. student at Fuller SIS

1:30pm – 1:55pm  sessions

Mortality and Culture of Homelessness

·       Charity Ngaruiya, Ph.D. student at Cook SICS at Biola

Mission among Hmong

·     Tom Park, Concordia

Prison as Mission Field: Re-examining an Outdated Model

·    Linda Lee Smith Barkman, PhD

Shalom Through Jesus Christ: A Conceptual Model for Evangelical Mission in Socio-Historical Transition

·    Andrew J. Mainiero, Ph.D., affiliate professor at Fuller SIS

2pm – 2:25pm  sessions

The Significance of the Three-Self Principle in the Post-Colonial Era from the Perspective of the Early Korean Christianity 

·      Hoon Jung, Ph.D. candidate at Fuller

The Moravian Missional Approach For Multiethnic Diaspora Missions In The Heart Of The Silicon Valley Of California

·      Juno Wang, DIS, Western Seminary

 Rapid Urbanization and Its Effect on Women in the Global South

·      Lisa Hoff, PhD, associate professor of ICS at Gateway Seminary

2:30pm – 2:55pm  sessions

Bevans’ models of contextual theology and the sociopolitical climate in Nicaragua

·       Norlan Hernandez, Ph.D. student at Cook SICS at Biola

An End to Mission As We Know It? Four Recent Books Addressing Problems with “Mission” in World

·       Thomas Hale, Ph.D. student at Fuller; et al.

Exploring the impact of cultural intersections on

the indigenizing principle (via skype)

·       Evelyn Hibbert, EdD, Colloquium Chair, Angelina Noble Centre, Australian College of Theology.

3:00pm – 3:15pm Closing, Dr. Erik Aasland

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