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2018 Evangelical Missiological Society Theme

 “Mission and Evangelism in a Secularizing World”

  Biola University on March 23, 2018

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8:00am     Gathering and Registration –Café Banquet Room

8:30am     Welcome– Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass, EMS SW Vice president

8:35am     Morning Plenary Speaker Paul Dzubinski

9:15am     Dismiss to breakout sessions  -  

9:30am – 9:55am sessions

Secularism in Europe
  • Marla Campbell, Ph.D.- Biola University professor emeritus
 Sutherland 117
Secularism and religious fundamentalism: Implications for Christian mission praxis in West Africa  Sutherland 118
Encountering Truth: Reaching postmoderns through online Christian worldview courses-
  • Scott Hovater, Ph.D. – Grand Canyon University
 Sutherland 125

10am – 10:25 sessions

The paradox of global secularization and mission to all peoples
  • Mark R. Kreitzer, DMiss, PhD, Assistant Professor of ICS at Grand Canyon University
 Sutherland 117
How would Paul engage today’s secular society? An exegetical revisiting of Acts 17
  • Chris Burnett, Th.M. Candidate, The Masters Seminary
 Sutherland 118
Could a focus on folklore effectively address secularization?
  • Erik Aasland, PH.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University, Azusa Pacific
 Sutherland 125

10:25am - 11:15 am break

11:15-11:40am sessions

Worldview as a paradigm for transformative conversation in a secular world
  • Chip Lamca, M.Div. Instructor at Grand Canyon
 Sutherland 117
Imago Dei in Missio Dei: Biblical foundations of work and mission
  • Clark Fobes, D.Miss student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
 Sutherland 118
Boko Haram as a response to secularization and the implications for mission praxis
  • Dave Datema,  PhD Student Fuller SIS
 Sutherland 125

11:40am – 1pm Lunch

Secular Salvation Narratives: The Impact Of Deconverting From Evangelical Christianity To Atheism.

  • John Marriott, Ph.D. Biola University

1pm-1:25pm sessions

A conversation with Ralph D Winter about mission in secular society
  • Beth Snodderly, D.Litt. et Phil. Editor, Ralph D. Winter Research Center at William Carey International University
 Sutherland 117
Redeeming the gospel from secularized gospel to tame the tide of secularization
  •     David Ofumbi, Ph.D. Biola University
 Sutherland 118
Bernie Sanders and Secular Judaism: Engaging Secular Jews in the Twenty-First Century.
  • Stan Meyer, Ph.D. student at Biola University
Sutherland 125

 1:30pm – 1:55pm  sessions

Religion in development: Secularization and Christian engagement
  • Nathaniel Veltman, adjunct faculty, Fuller theological seminary
 Sutherland 117
 The Mum Effect, Social Media, and Evangelism
  • David  Dunaetz, Ph.D. Associate professor at Azusa Pacific University
 Sutherland 118
Secularism: A Challenge for Discipleship
  • Cecil Stalnaker, Ph.D.
 Sutherland 125

2:00pm - 2:25 pm sessions 

Can the “religious” be really separated from the “secular” either conceptually or practically?
  • Benjamin Kim
 Sutherland 117
Engaging secular beliefs through life-on-life disciple making
  • Shane Mikeska
 Sutherland 118

2:30pm -  closing  -  Café Banquet Room


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