The Evangelical Missiological Society, while an academic guild, is also passionately committed to integrative Kingdom work, linking intellectual, spiritual, and ministerial fields. We believe that the Lord demonstrates a missio Dei that we are called to imitate, with the initiation of the Father and the sending of the Son and the Spirit as incarnational presence. Below are helpful EMS resources that equip people to live out the missio Dei in this world. They include:

  • our Newsletter to keep you abreast of all the latest EMS alerts
  • a list of Publications from our Members, showcasing the breadth of missiological thought within our society
  • Global Dialog which is a list of external links to other missiology-related organizations and societies that we support or have a compatible mission
  • Teaching Resources to aid pedagogy such as films you may use, or courses you may enroll in to enrich your education
  • Open Positions which are postings of available faculty positions at various institutions
  • BAM (Business as Mission) Global Reports  from the Lausanne movement
  • and the recently-adopted EMS Call for Racial Unity, as reconciliation is much of the heart of mission

Please check back periodically as we do update these resources from time to time. We are committed to God’s never-changing mission in an ever-changing world, and we pray that these Resources help to aid you in manifold ways.