Church Planting among Immigrants in US Urban Centers: The Where, Why, and How of Diaspora Missiology in Action

Enoch Wan and Anthony Casey

This book shows patterns of assimilation and integration that are common among immigrant groups and provides tools of cultural research to get out in the city, talk to people, build relationships, gain entrance into these communities, find leaders, and plant healthy churches.

These tools are important because they can be carried to any city and put into practice. In some regard, it is impossible to tell somebody how to do ethnic ministry. The only legitimate answer is, “It depends.” This book helps you know what it depends on and how to work effectively in that situation. After reading this book, we hope you feel equipped to walk out your door, look at your neighborhood, and say, “I have the theology, tools, heart, and motivation to understand who is here and how I can begin to reach them with the gospel and work towards the goal of church planting.”

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Institute for Diaspora Studies
Year Published: 2014