Book cover title God's Unchanging WORD in and Ever-Changing WORLD

God’s Unchanging Word in an Ever-Changing World: Messages of Hope for Weary Christians

Stephen M. Davis

The times in which we live are often described as “unprecedented.” The word might be overused, yet the last few years have seen exceptional healthcare challenges, loss of human life, economic disruption, and political turmoil. We are now in the second year of novel coronavirus and its global impact. Most people either know someone who died from the virus or have experienced its nefarious effects in other ways–illness, unemployment, school and border closures, shortages, confinement, addiction, fear, anxiety. Families were separated from loved ones who died alone in hospitals and nursing homes. We wait for a return to normal or a new normal and live with the lingering suspicion that life will never be the same. Where do we look for hope? As Christians, our ultimate hope is in God and his promises. Christians have dual citizenship, earthly and heavenly. On earth they want what most people want–security, satisfaction, and significance–and desire a better world. Christians also assert that this world order will pass away and every person will live somewhere forever. These messages from God’s word seek to point Christians and non-Christians to Jesus Christ as the only one who provides genuine, eternal hope.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Year Published: 2022
ISBN: 978-1666735758