Book Titled Missiological Reflections on Life and Mission

Missiological Reflections on Life and Mission

Stephen M. Davis

The changing face of world missions presents unique challenges. A new generation must both engage in God’s mission and continue to reflect on the human dimension of engagement in the glorious task of making Christ known to the nations. Christianity is a universal religion not bound by one cultural expression of it. No cultural way of life or its Christian expression should be absolutized. Missionaries will be confronted with undreamed of challenges to their own worldview assumptions and must learn to distinguish between convictions rooted in Scripture and culture-informed convictions that should not be elevated to the level of scriptural truth. Without crosscultural training missionaries may unconsciously confound their cultural expression of Christianity with supracultural truth. They need to reflect biblically, theologically, and missiologically on whatever issues they face, and they need the conviction that God is at work in his world to accomplish his purposes and bring all things to his desired end. This book represents areas of personal reflection after over forty years of church planting ministry in different countries. The challenges of others may be different. The mission remains the same.

Series: Publications by Members
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Year Published: 2022
ISBN: 978-1666737684